Delivering immediate business improvements using Lean and Lean Six Sigma techniques.
Sustaining improvements by developing your team's skills.

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Telephone us at our Belper, Derbyshire office on:
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Resource Efficiency Derbyshire
Ian Jackson
Delivering sustainable improvement.

Our aim is to leave your organisation capable of getting the benefits of lean,
in the long term, without outside help.

We will start in the place that is right for you and focus on delivering
benefits quickly while keeping your team engaged.

Below are a selection of some of the activities that we could do with you
as you travel along your Lean journey.

Implement effective job skills training
Standardise key activities
Implement process confirmation action plans
Introduce a process for job skills maintenance
Identify your customers and opportunities
Identify your business strengths and weaknesses
Identify and strengthen your business goals
Turn goals into plans that involve everyone
Select and structure projects to deliver on-time, in-full.
Turn goals into plans with built-in progress
Create value stream maps for your key customers
Identify and solve Key Performance Problems
5S your workplace
Implement Kaizen activities and process
Carry out SMED projects
Implement time effective management processes
Implement management by walking around
Identify your Key Performance Indicators
Implement KPIs at all levels
Review organisation structure and effectiveness